The ON button.

What happens.

Pupils dilate

Mouth may become dry

Heart rate increases

Blood pressure increases

Skin gives off pheromones signaling sexual excitement to their partner

Breasts become slightly fuller

Aureoles of the nipples puff up

Nipples become erect

The vulva puffs up a little, with both the inner and outer labia becoming engorged with blood, and sometimes turning a bit darker in color

The clitoris becomes erect. The clitoris is actually almost as long as a penis – about 5 inches – but most of it is inside the body. The small portion that shows outside the body may get a big larger and stiffer

Both the vulva and the vagina secrete more fluids, to lubricate

The vagina lengthens from a resting depth of 3 to 4 inches, to about 6 inches in order to accommodate the average male penis

There you go.



One thought on “The ON button.

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